For transportation agencies at municipal, county, and state levels; our primary focus is providing valuable information that supports our clients in fulfilling their missions of safely and efficiently operating their roadway networks. Weathernet strives to deliver the best forecasting and customer service in the transportation industry by providing customized decision support to each client

Our approach includes network-specific weather forecasts and the impact on roadway operations, along with 24/7 decision support by phone with a meteorologist. Direct communication is critical during dynamic weather situations, ultimately aiding in better decisions before and during weather events.


Our road weather services include:

  • Unlimited Toll-Free 24/7 Decision Support
  • Customized Weather Alerting
  • Daily Written Weather Forecasts
  • Site-Specific Pavement Condition Forecasting
  • Customized High Wind Monitoring and Alerts
  • Long-Range Forecasting and Planning for Resource Needs
  • Customized Temperature and Precipitation Monitoring
  • Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) Technical Support
  • Customized Traveler Information Services

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