Instrumentation is a critical piece to any successful weather/meteorological program or weather dependent operation. Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS) or Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) can collect specific data in critical areas or in particular micro climates providing crucial real-time information; aiding important functions like operational/maintenance decisions as well as helping ensure accurate weather forecasts and alerts. Weathernet has been installing, maintaining and programming weather stations for over two decades and can help with all aspects of your instrumentation project; from deciding where to install a site and what instrumentation to include based on your specific needs, to ensuring that the data coming from your station is accurate. Weathernet can provide turnkey or individualized services to meet your needs.


Our technicians are skilled at integrating/programming Campbell Scientific data loggers and interfacing them with instrumentation from many vendors. This allows your weather station to be customized to your specific needs including the ability to program the stations to send alerts via text message or email when specific criteria are met. Our technicians hold Meteorology or Atmospheric Science degrees, which helps them to understand the data coming from the equipment installed and to know whether the data being reported is dependable. In addition, Weathernet has the ability to host and display your station data through a user friendly platform that can be customized to individual needs. We also provide integration services to help you get data from your equipment into exisiting displays.

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Our instrumentation services include:

  • Siting/Feasibility Assessments and Reports
  • New System Design
  • Full System Installation
  • Response Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • System Integration

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