Weathernet provides automatic alerts of lightning strikes within a user-specified distance from any location in the contiguous U.S. Lightning can be very dangerous for anyone who is outdoors and within a few miles of a thunderstorm. Clients can ensure safety during outdoor activities by receiving direct alerts, a service that is extremely low-cost compared to the potential for injuries or litigation.

Our clients select a specific distance or multiple distances from a given point location of an event or outdoor operation. Automatic notifications are then sent via email or text message whenever lightning is detected within the specified distance from this location. A follow-up message will be sent when lightning has not be observed for a user-defined period of time as an “All Clear”.


Lightning maps with user-defined distances are available as well. This allows clients to be aware of approaching lightning threats and see them mapped relative to their own location in real-time. Users are then encouraged to call Weathernet to speak to a meteorologist about whether lightning will pose a threat.


Weathernet has a wide-range of clients that rely on this inexpensive service to provide safety during all outdoor activities. Philadelphia International Airport relies on these alerts so that their staff, as well as airline personnel, can clear the runways and tarmacs when lightning is in the vicinity. Also, the fueling of airliners will cease when lightning is within set distance.

Outdoor events often include a large number of people within a small area, making approaching severe weather a major concern. Major League Soccer team Real Salt Lake relies on automated lightning alerts, along with Weathernet decision support, to allow event staff to be able to clear stands in a timely manner when storms approach the stadium.

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